Lottie London - Brand To Watch! 💕

From the calligraphy on their products down to the colour range everything about this brand is new and unique and something to seriously be envious about!


The moment I walked into my local Superdrug and saw their stand I knew it was at any moment that I would become a Lottie Addict and I wasn't wrong! Their collection ranges from Nail varnishes, Nail products, Cosmetic mirrors and brushes just to name but a few. All with a price range of between £3.49 - £19.99 (for a set of 5 brushes!! ).
The biggest range Lottie London has to offer is their Nail Polishes, which at £5.99 a pop are both affordable and varied in colour and style, two things any beauty addict loves to hear.
 I picked up a few shades to try named 'Just Dance' ( a metallic two toned red) and 'Blogger Babe' ( a light purple/pink nude ). I was in shock once I used them! in shock at how much I really really liked them! As someone who uses Barry M as my go to nail polish I find it very hard to find something that  is even remotely as good as Barry M but boy does Lottie London give them a run for their money!!  The colour payoff is fantastic and just with one coat the colour really pops and is hard to chip. So as a complete beauty addict I ended up buying some more and now with 7 in my collection I can't see myself stopping any time soon. With names such as 'Dream Weaver', 'Dream Land' and 'No limits', I have to say I love their names! This is a common theme throughout the entire collection with a Sponge named ' Blend and Snap' they are all quirky and original and each as loveable as the next!

Along with nail polishes they also do Nail Stencils called the ' Paint by numbers manicure '. Although I personally couldn't get the hang of using them when I used them on someone else I really liked the outcome. It adds a great effect to a subtle nail look and makes them look amazing!

I also picked up some of their Brushes which they had a huge collection of! Their brushes are not only vegan friendly but are by far the softest I have ever used! Pricing between £4.99 and £9.49 ( Individual brushes), they are yet again very affordable. They pack on the product very well and leave your makeup with a nice finish, complementing whatever make up you use with them. There is no hair splitting or wear on the handles which is an added bonus! My personal favourites are the Blending Brush and the Tan Time brush which I use for bronzers etc! They go wherever I go and do not leave my side!! They are a makeup bag essential!! I love that each brush is a different colour, making each one a statement piece in their own right!

Unfortunately 2 of my brushes broke which was very sad! But isn't unlikely to happen and is no reflection on the company itself. When I got in contact with the company they were so kind and considerate and sent me out replacements at once! As an added gift they also sent me some of their Treasure Tatts. So I gave them a whirl and have slowly become addicted, my hands adorn with these tatts! I love the festival look and these will certainly add that to my summer wardrobe. Included are 3 full to the brim sheets with so many different and unique designs and at just £10 a pack I find that a steal!!

I seriously feel that Lottie London are a brand to watch out for! Im so excited to see what they bring out next and I know I will be the first in line to find out!


Lottie London is available herehttp://www.superdrug.com/search?q=lottie:name-asc&page=1&resultsForPage=60


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