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I was lucky enough to get invited to the Freedom & Makeup Revolution Competition Final!
The event was held at DSTRKT in London! Since I live in Norfolk I decided to stay overnight and was lucky enough to have a plus one so my friend could come! 

Since the invitation said formal with a touch of Halloween I decided to go FULL Halloween and I wasn't the only one! I purchased this really beautiful set of horns from Claires ( which turned out to be super heavy ) and co-ordinated my outfit to go with them!

The club was decked out with creepy dolls and cobwebs and had such an awesome vibe! Everyone was super friendly and I bumped into a few beauty bloggers that I knew and had a nice catch up! And as always the TAM beauty crew had done an amazing job displaying all the upcoming products including the much loved christmas collection , and making the night a roaring success!

The reason we were all there was for the final of the Freedom Awards! The winner was going to receive a cash prize, become the face of freedom and receive a lifetimes supply of makeup! 
Hosted by Tam Beauty Co-Founder Mr Makeup himself Adam Minto & Daisy ( Beautys Big Sister ) they did a great job at getting the crowd hyped up and both looked awesome!
The final five were AMAZING , the theme of course was halloween and they all looked awesome and you could tell they had really thought about their final looks! There were ice queens, unicorns and a glitter skull. All of the finalists did so well to get to this point and when we had to cast our votes I had NO IDEA who to choose.. they were all so good! What I loved was before each finalist came on there was a short video played with why they loved and enjoyed makeup and what the winning would mean to them, I loved this personal touch!

After a short break the winner was announced and Lorna aka Ninja Fairy was crowned the new face of freedom! I really love the idea of this completion because it showcases such amazing undiscovered talent and gives them a voice! Hopefully the competition returns next year so I can find some more awesome beauty accounts to follow!

The drinks were flowing, the Photo Booth was the place to be and the music was getting everyone into the groove of things, that was until a surprise dance routine to Michael Jacksons Thriller which was out of this world!

( This Is Not My Photo ) 

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the event as all I have all the other Tam Beauty events I have been lucky enough to attend!
Yet again another great Tam Beauty moment and I'm sure theres many more to come!!

Urban Decay Razor Liner

I am always in search of new colourful liners and I was so excited when I heard that Urban Decay were going to be releasing some new eyeliners!
 I haven't been really impressed with their old range of eyeliners so was intrigued to see what their latest collection had to offer.

The packaging seriously caught my eye! They look so sleek and are the perfect size to fit into your makeup bag.
 The first liner I purchased was Fireball and boy oh boy is it beautiful! The colour is super duper pigmented and just makes my eyes pop!

Fireball Liner

Safe to say after the amazing experience I had with Fireball I ended up purchasing a whole bunch more! Some of the shades like Chaos need to be shaken or layered to get a full colour payoff but because of the formula I wasn't really surprised.

GoldRush and Zodiac Liner

                                                                    Zodiac Liner

Overall I am super impressed with these liners!! I love how they have a range of finishes such as glitter effects or metallic. UD are stepping up the makeup game constantly and this is just one more item to add to my never ending favourites list!!

                                    The liners come in 20 shades and are £16 each!!  


Cult Classic; Morphe 350m

I was lucky enough to grab one of the Morphe 350m palettes from Beauty Bay when they sneakily dropped them online. At £19.50 for an abundance of shadows with a variety of colours I was so excited to try it!

When using the shadows I noticed straight off the bat that there was no fallout or kick up of the product which was surprising, because on first impressions the shades looked bit chalky!
 The colours blended so nicely and allowed me to create a variety of eye looks, I really enjoyed using this palette and can see myself using this palette on a daily basis!

The real standouts for me are the red and orange tones, they are super beautiful and are really great for creating amazing eye looks.

I would highly recommend this palette if you can get your hands on it, because in all honesty £19.50 for a palette of this quality is an amazing price.

Manny Mua X Makeup Geek Palette - Get The Look

So if you didnt know Manny Mua is a pretty big name in the Youtube universe for his makeup tutorials and hilarious personality, and his most recent makeup collaboration has been with the fabulous Makeup Geek.
 I personally have never used or owned ANY Makeup Geek shadows, so when I saw one of my favourite Youtuber's was bringing out a palette I knew I had to get my hands on it! Unfortunately first time round I was not successful but after a lot of waiting and perseverance I managed to secure one YAY!

I decided to create a look using this beautiful palette and give you guys the deets so here we go!
The final look I went for was a sunset eyes effect using as many of the colours as I could.

One of the main reasons I was drawn to the palette was the stunning red shade named Mars and knew this would be the main focus for my eye look.
 I used Mars on the outer corner and blended in the other shades to create the look. I took the lighter shades on the palette and buffed the colours in from the inner corner to get the Ombre effect. I then paired the look with a black flick to add more dimension and focus to the colours, and then brushed Mars under my eye.

I have to say I'm super duper impressed with the texture of the shades and just how pigmented they are! I will 1000000% be purchasing more Makeup Geek shades in the future!

Pouting for Summer! My Top 5 Out There Lipsticks For This Summer!

As an avid lipstick fan the summer period is when I can really experiment with out there shades and combos which I wouldn't usually rock in the colder months! Heres  an overview of my top 5 out there lipsticks for the summer months!


Kylie Jenner has done a super duper job in creating a liquid lipstick craze and I myself have been drawn in big time! Ive been lucky enough to get every shade I've wanted without having to stress! Mary Jo is a beautiful crimson colour and one I cannot keep off of my lips! This would be a perfect all day shade that can also transition to night time glam!! I mean just look at it!! The formula isn't too shabby either, it doesn't feel drying or heavy on the lips and doesn't really need reapplying which is a bonus, if you can manage to grab this a lip kit I would really opt for this one, you won't be disappointed  💁🏼 


SHOW ME THE MONEY! Do you get it? no? okay well its a film reference but never mind lets talk lipstick! This colour is EVERYTHING! This green liquid lipstick has become an addiction to me! paired with a subtle eye this bad boy does all the talking! I love Jeffree Stars line of lipsticks and this was one I wasn't too sure about but BOY WAS I WRONG! I hold my hands up I thought this one was not me.... how wrong I was! This colour gives me life and makes my lips look so full. The formula is seriously good and doesn't budge for a vast amount of time which I love because reapplying lipstick to me is a very boring job! If you haven't tried any of the JS range yet... stop right now and order some because you will not regret it!


This beautiful bundle of blue goodness is one of my most recent purchases and something I've had my eye on since UD released their new line of lipsticks. Heroine is a royal blue with a comfort mate finish and oh boy is this beautiful! Just one glide on the lips coats them with a full colour and I have to say it added so much volume to my lips! Paired with a natural eye or even a pop of colour this is going to be not only my summer essential but an all time favourite!!


I love me a Jeffree Star lip and this shade is one I've been trying to get ahold of for a while and one that has been out of stock for such a long time! I seem to be slightly obsessed with blue lipsticks recently and Jawbreaker is a beautiful bright blue shade, similar to that of Pool Boy by OCC. When I popped it on my lips it was as if the heavens parted, I fell hard instantly! Its not a shade for everyone  or everyday but if you have the confidence I would highly recommend it! This shade would be awesome for a pool party or festival!!


DON'T KILL ME I actually really like this lipstick and yes I know its by a company thats had bit of 'history' but I can't help but love this colour! Peacock is just beautiful! A colour I have yet to find a dupe for, a colour I cannot get enough of! One swipe of this bad boy and your lips will be calling out LOOK AT ME! The formula is pretty good but I do usually have to reapply throughout the day which is something to think about! This beautiful teal blue shade really adds a pop of colour to any look and is one I am deffo keeping close to me this summer!

Lipstick Is My Vice

The social media world has been a buzz recently about a few new lipsticks from Urban Decay and by a few I mean ONE HUNDRED! Yes you heard me right 100 new lipsticks, with a variety of different finishes and a range of colours from Royal Blue, Green, Dark Purples to Hot Pinks. There really is a shade for everyone!
 Orange Is The New Black star Ruby Rose has become the latest spokeswoman for the brand heading up the new lipstick takeover. I think this is such a smart move for Urban Decay, not only is she super relevant at the moment but her whole attitude and style really encompasses the brand..Smart move Urban Decay smart move!
When I heard about this I was really excited to get my hands on them and see what shades Wende and the entire UD team had come up with.

Altogether there are 6 lipstick formulas; Metallized, Cream, Sheer, Sheer Shimmer, Comfort Matte & Mega Matte! When I heard about the new formulas I was so excited especially for the matte shades! Recently I've become a sucker for matte lipsticks and they have become a staple in my makeup bag, and since Urban Decay is one of my favourite brands I knew I had to get my hands on them!

One day whilst flicking through my Instagram I received and awesome message in my inbox from Jess who is the Urban Decay counter manager at Debenhams in Norwich. Jess was super sweet and offered me the chance to try one of the lipstick shades and test it out! Of course I said yes and spent the rest of the week so excited to get my hands on the lipstick! When they launched on the UD website I also ended up purchasing a lipstick in the shade Conspiracy! Its this beautiful Bronze/ brown toned colour and is in the Metalled formula.
 I met up with Jess at the Debenhams UD counter and when she handed me the lipstick I was so excited I just wanted to run home and try it! The lipsticks were on display in store and they looked amazing, seeing them all laid out on the stands made me even more excited.

 The shade I was gifted was Seismic which is a beautiful purple sheer shimmer lipstick. Im not usually a fan of sheer lipsticks because I find they don't last as long on the lips but I was looking forward to trying a formula I wouldn't usually pick for myself!
         As soon as I popped Seismic on my lips it was LOVE! The lipstick glided on my lips so nicely and felt like I was wearing nothing! The colour is build able, with just one coat of the lipstick it adds a beautiful purple tint to your lips, I added a few more coats and the colour was just beautiful! Purple is one of my favourite shades and although this is a formula I wouldn't normally choose I am so happy with the final look! I wore Seismic all day and it lasted a lot longer than any other sheer lipstick I have ever owned and was pleasantly surprised! Im super impressed with this product and have already added 3 or 4 of the sheer lipsticks to my wish list! ( My Bank Account is going to hate me! ).

Conspiracy was a shade that I knew I needed as soon as I saw the swatches online. As a lover of metallic shades and especially brown lipsticks I couldn't resist buying it on the launch day and boy I do not regret it! The lipstick itself is super duper pigmented and just one coat gives you a flawless finish! Paired with a subtle eye this colour emphasises your lips and adds statement to your look. I have to say even my Mum asked me what my lipstick was and asked to borrow it and she HATES makeup! The power of a good lipstick ey?
   I wore this colour for about 6 hours and within that 6 hours there was only the slightest bit of wear on the colour! I have to say UD have really upped their lipstick game with these shades because they last for such a long time without needing to reapply.

Although I've only tried a couple of the shades I have to say Im seriously addicted! UD have really knocked this launch out of the park. With so many colours and finishes to choose from it seriously is a makeup lovers dream!  If you haven't purchased any or swatched them yet I would highly recommend you do,  you won't regret it!

I have to say a huge thank you to Jess at the UD counter in Debenhams Norwich for giving me the opportunity to try one of the shades out ! If you get a chance go there and check out the vice lipsticks! The staff are super helpful and friendly so go say hello!!

The lipsticks Retail at £15! Which is 50p cheaper than the original Vice lipsticks! The lipsticks also have corresponding lip liners which retail at £13.50 so you can create the perfect pout.

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette....Worth The Hype? 🤔

Instagram has been a buzz with the new offerings from Violet Voss a makeup company based in the USA. In all honesty I have never had any Violet Voss items before and really didn't know it existed until I saw the brand pop up a few hundred times on my Instagram feed.

 The item that really had me a buzz was the Holy grail palette, as a lover of red toned eyeshadows this palette was almost made for me! When I heard Cocktail Cosmetics was going to be stocking the palette I sat and waited, glued to my phone in the hopes of nabbing one and I actually managed to get one! YAY!! The palette retails at around £34-£43 depending on where you purchase it from which in all honesty I don't think is too bad for a palette with 20 shadows!
     Cocktail Cosmetics have super duper fast shipping and the item was at my doorstep the next day, I basically snatched it from the postman and ran upstairs to play with my new palette!

The packaging itself is very simple and doesn't have a lot of weight to it, and doesn't look expensive, although it does have a nice feel to it. When you open the palette up there is a large mirror on one side and 20 shadows on the other with a pan size of 1.8 grams each. I nearly dropped dead when I saw the shade range it was way more beautiful then I imagined it to be. I swatched a few of the shades and they glided on like butter, they are super duper pigmented and just hold the colour so well. This was something I was worried about when swatching the product because I had seen some reviews saying the product wasn't very pigmented but I would have to disagree.

I decided to try the palette out and create a look with some of the shades. Just one swipe of the pan packed a lot of product onto the brush, I did have to keep reminding myself to tap off the excess product though because there was a huge amount of fall out! And I did find that even when I did tap off excess product there was still some fallout which was pretty disappointing. The shadows blended well together and in the end I really liked the look I created, and I actually got a fair few compliments                on my look which was nice.

                                          A few of the looks I have created with the palette; 

Although I'm a little disappointed with the fallout from the eyeshadows , I would recommend this product. Violet Voss has created a warm toned palette with a great shade range which allows you to experiment with tonnes of makeup looks! This will definitely be one of my go to palettes especially for those cranberry shades!

                                   Where you can purchase the Holy Grail Palette



                                                        Until Next Time Lovely's!