Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood..

I have recently got back into reading and thought I would pick up a few Books that have caught my eye over the past few months or have been recommended to me by friends or bloggers.
As a huge fan of the TV series ‘Girls’ and of Lena Dunham herself i thought it vital to pick up her book ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’. The book focuses on Lena’s own life experiences with growing up and hitting adolescence as well as things she has yet to experience. With witty chapter names such as ‘Igor: or my internet boyfriend died and so can yours’ or ‘ Take my virginity (no really take it)’ i knew i was in for a treat. What i didn’t expect was the heart wrenching stories which i wouldn’t expect to have read from such a book. I was completely perplexed by this book and was so engrossed into Lena’s stories and advice i completed the book in no time at all! I would totally recommend this book to everyone! even if you haven’t heard of Lena herself or her work this book is such a gem you won’t want to miss out, it is filled with such funny stories but touches on very important issues young woman face today.
★★★★★ I give this a 5/5 stars and is my recommended book of the month! xoxo

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