From Norfolk To New York Part 2

Adelphi was bursting with full bloomed trees and flowers everywhere it was like something out of a movie and when I reached my Dorm room in New Hall B, it was HUGE. Because I would be sharing with 2 other people we had a massive en-suite bathroom and the room was open plan with desks and wardrobes. It felt so empty because I was the first person there. And at that moment I realised where I was and the incredible journey I had made.  I remember that night I didn't have any bedding so I made make shift pillows and bedding from some of my clothes and a blanket I had brought from the plane. After messaging my family to let them know I got there safely, I just laid on my new bed looking at the itinerary for the next few days and speculating on who I would meet and what I was in store for.

The next day was filled of welcoming events and group activities, I somehow ended up in the same group as Polina the girl I had met previous on the shuttle bus, and spent all day with her just talking and enduring the events. I met some great people in my group but one stuck out and one I spent everyday with thereafter that was Sophie. Sophie was an exchange student from Australia who was studying journalism. She was so friendly and easy to talk to and we managed to click instantly we shared so many personality traits I felt like I really connected with someone and I was right ( but ill talk more about that later ). After meeting some more people from other countries we had a little group and really had fun, that night we all skipped the last event to go to the mall to buy bedding and we really got to know each other, that night I went to bed feeling excited for what was to come and to see my new found friends.

Adelphi had organised a beach trip for everyone there was about 20 of us and we all enjoyed games on Jones Beach, hearing each others stories and personal backgrounds. Omar from Egypt introduced us to this game called wink murder which we were all glued to for about 2 hours!! all in all it was fantastic day (even though I suffered severe sunburn), and many of the people I met that day I continued to hang around with though out my time at Adelphi and still talk to frequently today. A few of us went to IHop that night and I ate so many pancakes I felt so so sick! Welcome to America hey!

Later on after the fun of the beach and IHOP a few of us decided to go out on the town and experience Garden Citys night life. Ami this girl we met who was apart of the international student programme kindly took us and me , Sophie, David and Omar went out. We went to a bar called Mchebes which was very close to that of the bar from Coyote ugly and I instantly fell in love! Me and Sophie managed to get most of our drinks for free just because we were international which resulted in very tipsy moments including Sophie burning me with her cigarette and declaring me her best friend! But the funniest moment had to be when Omar lit up a cigarette in the club thinking it was okay to smoke inside and nearly getting thrown out, us internationals hey, you can't take us anywhere! When we returned to Adelphi that night the sprinklers were on and we all ran through them not caring that we were instantly soaked but just enjoying every moment we could! cherishing our first night together.

A week went by and the day came where my first roommate was going to be moving in, her name was Krissy and although I didn't really know her, we had been talking to each other on Facebook prior which was really helpful in making the situation more comfortable.
 I was eating lunch with my friends Polina and Sophie before we were going to head off to the mall, since I knew Krissy would be arriving soon I went back to my room to see if she had arrived. When I opened the door I was greeted by her and we had a small conversation before I ran to catch the shuttle bus to the mall to grab bedding etc.

The next day a group of us decided to head into the city for the first time, we all met for breakfast and discussed the places we wanted to visit. I remember sitting there so excited about visiting the big apple and finally see the place where my year long journey would take place. The train to Penn Stations was so surreal because I knew that at any moment I would be in the city and although I had read about it and seen it in movies nothing could have prepared me for the beauty that is New York City...

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