Palette Of The Month

Hello Everybody! I hope everyone is doing great and are enjoying the start of spring!

This months Palette Of The Month is *Insert Drumroll' The Kat Von D 'Esperanza Palette'.  I love Kat Von D's makeup range and feel that the colours in both the palettes and other beauty items are some of the best around.

When I first heard this was coming out I knew I had to have it. Fast forward a year and I am still loving this! Since spring has struck I've found myself reaching for this more and more. The packaging itself is very visually attractive, something Kat Von D's entire range has down to a T.

The colours themselves are very pigmented and the colour in the pans are the exact colours that transfer across, which is something you don't always get. The colour range shows a lot of different shades which are all interchangeable with each other to create both night and day looks, whether that be a smokey eye or a muted down everyday look. My favourite is the Transformer shade 'Dayglo' once applied on top of another shadow is transforms the colour to a different shade in different types of light and adds a shimmer. This is something I hadn't and still haven't seen in another palette and think its such a great addition.

*Unfortunately one of the shades didn't photograph. 'South' is very much a toned down peach colour which has a very powdery feel.

'What I will say is that I wish the palette had a more sturdier packaging, the inside lets the palette down display wise but other than that its a great palette to create some interesting looks for spring/summer 2015! and is something I will constantly be reaching for!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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  1. I adore these shade but so wouldn't have the guts for them :( you go girl! x