Stationary Tips for Uni/College

Hello Lovely's! Today I'm going to be talking about my top 10 stationary must haves you need for studying wherever you are heading whether that be University or college!

1) I know many of you are thinking about taking a laptop or tablet to class with you and yeah thats a good idea but you don't want to be stuck in class with no battery life and no charging ports because trust me its a nightmare! Also if your using a laptop in class MAKE SURE TO BACK YOUR WORK UP! you don't want to have spent hours typing away only to end up deleting it and you can't get it back! So Think and Sync!!!

2) Put a Ring on it! Take a ring binder to class because you will end up getting lots of handouts, some which are very important such as hand in and exam dates! So make sure you get a decent folder for you to organise these in! You won't regret it.

3) Buy multiple pens and pencils! When it comes down to pens make sure you buy in bulk because you will go through loads! Mainly because you will end up losing them or lending them to people who never return them ( pen thief's!! ). Make sure these pens won't run out at the worst moment because you don't want to be halfway through writing and BAM no more ink *cries*. You can get some really nice looking ones with super cool designs that can seriously help brighten up your pencil case!

4) Highlighters on Fleek! Highlighters will be your best friend, using highlighters to mark out the most important points will save you ALOT of time during exams, which will leave more time to study! Highlighting also makes your work look more colourful and attractive which will help you to focus and take things in during the learning process.

5) Ive got Notebooks and Notepads a plenty! I know you all want fabulous stationary but make sure its affordable and practical because you will go through more notepads then you will hot dinners! especially in your first year where there is so much information to take in! These will also be your best study material when it comes to exams and coursework so make sure your notes are clear and concise.  My biggest advice would be to focus more on what the lecturer is saying and write that down rather than taking notes from the slides because most lecturers will have their slides readily available for you to download!

6) It's a Stick up!! Sticky notes always come in handy especially for writing important notes or reminders and are great to pop into a diary or onto a calendar. You can also get some really unique designs such as Doughnuts or animals which can add a quirky touch to any notebook!

7) Let me check my Diary! A diary or calendar is a great essential to have, writing down your exam dates, due dates or social plans make it so much easier to remember or plan ahead. When I was at uni I wish I had purchased one because it would have made things so much easier! It wasn't until I started blogging that I realised the importance of a diary!

8) Bags Bags Bags!! Make sure to get yourself a bag that will hold all of your stationary swell as other essentials. I always take a backpack with me because I find it easier to carry all my essentials! But make sure not to clutter it too much so that you can't find anything!!!

9) Notice Me! A notice board is a great idea to get your attention for certain thing such as dates or reminders! you can also decorate it with pictures from home or items that remind you of good times!

10) USB Me! USB and Harddrives will save your life...literally! Stock up on these babies because they are great for transferring data and coursework to study at University/College in the library rather than carrying Loads of notebooks! Its also a great tool for sharing notes with your friends rather than having to hand write everything!

So there it is my Top 10 Stationary must haves!! I hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned because ill be dropping a new post tomorrow!!

Excuse my extreme resting bitchface!

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