Freshers Week Fun!!! Tips And Advice On Your First Week At Uni!!

University is an exciting time for many! Not knowing what to expect, who you will meet? or if you are moving to a different surroundings....where to eat and shop!!!

If you don't know what Freshers week is its basically the first week at university without classes and studying, and is where you meet the majority of the people you will spend you uni life hanging out with. Whether that be your roommates or people you meet out and about! Freshers Angels are always about to offer you help and advice and direct you to places you might want to go to! They are so lovely and friendly so don't be scared to approach them.

My biggest advice is to take the time to get to know and make friends with your roommates! You are all in the same situation and are feeling the same things so take that into consideration and take the time to get to know them! You are going to be spending a substantial amount of time with these people for the next year if not longer  so don't let petty arguments or shyness get in the way of you feeling comfortable in your own home! Luckily for me I joined a Facebook page for my course and got in touch with someone called Danica she quickly became one of my best friends at Uni and I still talk to her a lot to this day!

During freshers week it may seem daunting and alien but take advantage of all the activities you can take part in and don't be scared of talking to new people. The university does these activities to make you feel more comfortable since most students are moving away from home for the first time!

Take advantage of the clubs and societies the university has to offer!! University offer a society for pretty much everything. This is where you can meet a lot of people with similar interests to you and helps you to connect with new people!

Freshers Fair is a great way to see what your University has to offer outside of University such as nightlife, travel and shopping! This is also where you will get your intro and Student ID card...The holy grail item for that all important Student Discount!!!

Partying is a HUGE part of Freshers and is what most people associate it with! If your into partying great and if your not thats fine! don't try and change who you are to impress people because you will find people that enjoy the same things you do without forcing you to do the things you don't. This period is also a great time to test out the places and clubs without the hassle of class in the morning!! They also tend to have Freshers Ball with live music, food and drinks and is tonnes of fun. Its a great excuse to get all dressed up and let your hair down.

Student Finance is amazing but make sure to budget yourself and not go overboard with spending because it needs to last you for a long period of time and considering this is the time and place to prove your independent you don't want to have to ask your parents for money!! I remember one of my roommates in first year spent the majority of her loan in the first week including her rent money!! Which the University and her parents didn't appreciate!!

I hope you enjoyed my Tips for freshers week!! I myself have been through this and know how daunting it can be! Honestly don't worry and just be yourself and you will be fine! If you want to ask me any questions then please do and comment below!


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