ColourPop Madness 😍😍

So when payday hit last month I found myself with some money left over to spend on my one true love...Makeup of course! For some strange reason I had never been on depop or these Facebook selling pages and decided to take a look to see what people were selling.

Now I've heard so many amazing things about Colourpop and when I saw a few people selling some shadows etc I decided to make a few purchases and give them a go...that was the start of colour pop madness!!!

When I first received the shades I found the packaging very simplistic but in a nice way! I like how clean the packaging looks and that they are not relying on that to sell the products like a few makeup brands do!
 Some of the highlighters I had purchased had split which I

hear is a common problem with the formula they use and that they can be pressed back into shape so it didnt bother me too much. The highlighters are seriously beautiful!! My favourite being Fanny Pack which is this bright white highlighter and my god does it pack a punch Highlight on fleek for days!!! They retail at $8 each which is seriously affordable compared to other brands such as Mac, so I can see myself investing in a few more shades.

Now as you all now I love a good liquid lipstick and oh boy was I not disappointed when I received the colour pop ones! Now they do retail at $6 each but considering Colourpop don't ship to the uk I ended up paying around £8 each! Which realistically isn't too bad at all.
My favourite shade by far is Kapow, its this beautiful grey/brown and I'm ADDICTED!! Move over Retro by Mac and hello Kapow.

The eyeshadows for me were the real showstopper they were so pigmented and packed a punch when you wear them! Ive never received so many compliments about my eye makeup as I do when I wear their eyeshadows. Melrose is one I've worn the most and one that Ive already hit pan on!!! Their metallic shades are seriously amazing and have such a strange but awesome formula!
 I have to say that their highlighters and eyeshadows were by far my favourites of the bunch! something I really didnt expect as an avid lipstick lover.


I would highly recommend investing in some colour pop if you haven't already but watch out for the super duper high prices on places such as Depop and Facebook and always remember to be safe and pay G&S!!!

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