November Favourites!

Wow I cant believe its that time of the month where we discuss my favourites! Lets all take a moments silence for the month of November and then realise that christmas is edging closer and closer!! YAAAY CHRISTMAS, but anyways lets get down to why we are all here, my monthly favourites...

Beauty Favourites

This month I've really been trying to rediscover old products that I haven't used as much and the Urban Decay Vice 3 is one that I have rediscovered and been loving this month! Ive practically used this palette everyday this month and have loved mixing and trying new colour combinations from the Vice 3! I cannot believe I forgot about this palette and feel like this will be a favourite of mine for a while to come!

So Boots have finally started stocking NYX cosmetics! and since I had a load of points I decided to get a few of the Velvet Matte Lip Creams...and boy was I glad! The consistency of these are amazing and I've been addicted to wearing them, especially the shade Transylvania which is a very deep purple/red colour and has been perfect for this past month..uh IM IN LOVE
Ive loved rocking an eyeliner flick this month and the eyeliner that I've been using is the Kat Von D one in the shade Trooper! Ive found that the tip is perfect for creating a clean cut wing and it seriously lasts ALL day!!! For me Kat Von D's makeup is an epic win no matter what she brings out but this is a stand out product for me! I will definitely be repurchasing this because I can see me using this basically everyday!!!

I love having super luscious lashes and fro me Benefit Rollerlash has been doing the job superbly. Ive found myself reaching for this more than I usually would and this is mainly because of the length and definition its been giving my lashes! Benefit do some great makeup items but for me this is by far my number one favourite!

Ive really been getting into priming my face and I've been obsessed with the new Soap and Glory primer! It feels so good on my skin and really does the trick and even though I suffer with combination to oily skin it has worked an absolute treat! I wasn't really expecting too much when I tried this one but boy oh boy was I wrong! Ive been using it so much I have nearly ran out...oops


The Tanya Burr Rose Flush Cheek Palette is one of my favourite palettes ever!! And that is a statement I don't say very often. The colour combination is fantastic and although I tend to gravitate towards the bronzer and highlighter more I have literally used this palette everyday since I purchased it! Although the bronzer looks very dark, once applied it is perfect and goes on so softly....uhhh I just love it.

Film Favourites!!

Theres a few films I've been loving this month, the first which will come to no surprise is Jurassic World, I actually went to see this for my birthday and as an avid fan I seriously loved it! My brother actually purchased the Blu-ray for me and I've watched it and watched it at least 6 times aha!

Another film/documentary I have just been mesmerised by is The Cove. This film literally broke my heart, its on the same wavelength as Black Fish and discusses the Dolphin culling in Asia. If you have the time to watch this DO IT, its truly mind-blowing and something you need to see!!

Music Favourites!!

Yet again this month has been dominated by The Weeknd, I have pretty much listened to their album everyday and cannot get enough! Both their new and older albums are laden with catchy songs and great beats so get listening! My favourite at the moment is House Of Balloons!

YouTube Favourite!!

So this is a new add in for me but this month I have been totally engrossed with the beauty which is Arden Rose. Now many of you probably know who she is but if you don't then get looking! She is so witty and funny and her videos are just awesome to watch, she brings a fresh approach to the youtube world and literally does not give a fuck which is exactly why she is my spirit animal aha!!

So yaaay I really hope you've enjoyed my favourites! I would love to know what yours our so go check out my instagram or twitter and let me know!


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