Jeffree Star Skin Frost Highlighters Review ❄️❄️❄️

Highlighting and strobing has been a staple in any beauty lovers everyday routine! Brands upon brands have jumped on the bandwagon and have delivered new and unique highlighters, bringing them to the beauty market.
 Jeffree Stars Skin Frosts have been one in particular that I have been waiting to get my claws into! If you follow Jeffree on instagram you know he's been teasing us for over 6 months about these highlighters and promised us great things, and oh boy did he deliver!

The skin frosts come in 4 shades; 

King Tut ; A gold toned highlighter akin more for darker skin types.
Peach Godess, ; A pink/peach toned highlighter 
Ice Cold ; A white highlighter with gold reflects perfect for fair skin!
Mint Condition ; A green highlighter! Yes I said it right a GREEN highlighter!!

Now the pan size on these babies is an incredible 15g! Considering on average a MAC highlighter is around 8-9g and is priced at £25 these highlighters are nearly double the size and for the same price! When Jeffree was saying these were going to be big he wasn't lying and now I get it...Size does

Unfortunately for me I couldn't grab these babies when they got released as they sold out so so so fast! Usually I get all my JS items from cocktail cosmetics but for reasons of which I will explain in a minute they decided not to put them on their website! Luckily I started speaking to this amazing girl called Charlotte who lives not too far from their retail shop and nabbed me some! For which I am truly grateful!

When the first batch of highlighters got shipped out to their new owners many people had opened their parcels to receive the highlighters broken into pieces! This was mainly with the shade King Tut, this saw many customers complain and become very upset which is totally understandable! Jeffree addressed the situation and explained that the delivery company that had moved the delivery had dropped over 3000 of the highlighters which were packed together, and that was why they had become broken, awesome enough though the company then went on to refund everyone or send them a new highlighter which I think is cool! So when cocktail cosmetics got their delivery 50% of the stock was damaged so thats why they decided to sell it only in their store, which I think is fair.

Picture from CocktailCosmetics Facebook

The packaging itself is so in line with the rest of  his products, the highlighter comes in a huge hot pink compact (which is larger than the size of my hand), with his logo on top. On the inside there is a giant mirror which is perfect if your doing your makeup on the go!
The product itself has his logo stamped on top of the highlighter which I think looks super cute.

Formula wise these are pretty good they are made up of finely milled product which makes them glide on the skin nicely and they are SUPER pigmented just one little swipe is more than enough to get you glowing!  However there are a few flaws. I find that especially with Mint Condition  the product does begin to clump at points which I first noticed after swatching the product, this can be rectified however by buffing it into the skin. I can also see why King Tut may be a little more fragile, just by looking at it in the pan it looks very delicate and when I first swatched the product it did feel like it could break.

I seriously love these highlighters! Not only are they an affordable product but the sheer size and uniqueness of the colours pushes them into the fore front of the makeup community! JS is already teasing us with his ever-growing line up and has recently revealed he is bringing out a black highlighter for Halloween and A lilac one in a few months named Lilac Snow! JUST TAKE MY MONEY  💰 

Everything Jeffree is bringing out at the moment sells like hot cakes so if you can get your hands on these products I would urge you to do so because they are AMAZING!

Jeffree is restocking two out of the four highlighters on the 16TH so quick go grab them before they go!


                                            Where You Can Buy Skin Frost Highlighters

               JS Website;


                                                          Until next time lovelys!

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