Jeffree Star Cosmetics Product Review! Part 1

So if you don't know who Jeffree Star is he was first known from his myspace days where he played around with makeup and had some music hits! He grew popularity pretty fast for his awesome makeup looks and don't give a shit attitude!

Now in more recent years he has released his own makeup brand which started with just 3 liquid lipsticks and has since expanded to a beauty empire! His products are so popular they sell out in minutes and the resale prices on depop and eBay are in the double digits! CRAY CRAY

I've been fortunate enough to nab pretty much everything except for 2 discontinued lipsticks * CRIES* and I have to say the products are really worth the hype! And to top it off they are Vegan and cruelty free Woo!

The liquid lipsticks are by far my favourite product he has brought out! Retailing at around $18 or £14 in the UK this product has really changed the lipstick game, offering long lasting finishes with a spectacular array or colours! I mean a White lipstick, who would have thought it ey?!
Some of the newer shades have a slight smell to them which is Root Beer and isn't too overpowering which is nice! I have to say though I'm pretty sure the formula has changed slightly for the newer lipsticks because I find these aren't as drying and don't dry as fast, but it could just be me! Now as you all know by now I'm a sucker for packaging and these oh boy do they just feed that habit! The tops of these lipsticks has his logo all over and size wise these are perfect to pop into your makeup bag or even a clutch on a night out.

Now I do have 4 absolute favourites and these are L-R Abused, Scorpio, Dirty Money and the newly released Rich Blood. I love these 4 the most because they are such different colours and they all look so amazing on! I find they add a great finish to a statement look and leave you looking fierce!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics also has a line of lip scrubs which I was slightly hesitant about purchasing because I love my lush ones and honestly thought nothing could compare to them..well...hold your horses because seriously these are AMAZING like really. The scents aren't too overpowering and they really do work. But best of all the amount of product you get is outstanding! Over double the amount of a normal lush one and at £9 a pop I don't think thats too bad at all.

Overall I really feel that Jeffree has really stepped up the makeup game with these products and Im seriously excited to see what he has next in store for us! Now he does currently have some face products which I will be reviewing soon but I have to say I can honestly see why everything he brings out is like gold dust and just sells out instantly!

If you want to purchase any of Jeffrees products you can get them from these sites; 

Until Next Time Lovelys!

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