Makeup Palette of the month!

Hello Everyone! Ive decided to do a segment on my blog named 'Palette of the month' I thought it would be good to feedback to you what palette i am loving each month, whether it be for price, colour payoff etc. So here we go my first palette of the month is..... THE DOLCE VITA by Charlotte Tilbury!

Now if you follow me on Instagram you know how much I have used and love this palette! Although I've had it for a while recently I've been using it non stop. At £38 it is a higher end product but don't let the price deter you its amazing. The palette itself has 4 shades which aren't named but are labeled at what part of the eyeshadow process they should be used, so there is Prime, Enhance, Pop and Smoke.

Now lets take a minute to admire the colours themselves, they are beyond beautiful the bottom left shade is a shimmer which is compact full of colour and glitter, but when transferred onto the eyes there is minimal to no fallout. the other three are just as amazing and when using your brush the littlest amount packs the upmost amount of colour!. In general Charlotte Tilburys entire collection is beyond brilliant, although the prices are a little steep they are worth every penny the quality is beyond any other makeup brand I have tried and is something to be admired.

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