Put Your best Face Forward- Tarte Cosmetics Review

A few weeks ago I was watching QVC when a segment on Tarte Cosmetics came up. I had played around with this brand when I was in America at my local Sephora, but hadn't owned anything by them and had no idea you could get their products in the UK, so I was instantly intrigued!
If you don't who/what Tarte Cosmetics are they are a cosmetics brand who are committed to delivering real results for real woman, the eco -chic, the best friend etc. Tate cosmetics range is cruelty-free and infused with super fruits, plant extracts, essential oils and other naturally- derived ingredients. Amazonian clay plays a big part in all their products and are all hand sourced for this makeup range. At first glance a few years prior I didnt really believe everything the brand was trying to sell...boy was I wrong! I watched the segment on QVC and the application of each product and have to say I was blown away! Lets just say I ended up ordering more than a few things! Here are  the I items I picked up and my first impressions on them. 
The Tartlette Palette is one that I have had my eye on for a while and when I saw it for just £28.00! I knew I had to have it. All the shades are neutral tones and are named after different types of woman or as they like to call them Tartelettes ( hence the palette name), such as Free Spirit and Super Mom. The shades are all matte and are fused with amazonian clay to give them this really smooth texture. The payoff is amazing and the smallest amount manages to cover the entire lid. Im so impressed with this palette. The whole consistency, colour payoff and colour range is something I love, and wouldn't hesitate getting another palette from Tarte. The deal on QVC also included a brush which is double ended, one side for blending and the other is for applying the product. I really like this and bristles are honestly the softest I have ever felt on a brush!!
I also purchased the special value of the day which was the Tarte 6 Piece Best Face Forward Make-Up Collection & BagOne of the products was this Coloured Clay CC Primer Stick in the shade Fair. I really liked this its pretty full coverage and I only used it on a few areas of my face because I felt it was really thick but it did the job and lasted all day without moving the foundation etc. The colour really suited my skin type too and matched it almost perfectly. This is going to be something I will be reaching for more often!

This really caught my eye and was something I had heard alot about. The Lights Camera Lashes Mascara  is a 4 in 1lengthening, curling, volumising and conditioning. When I used this I was in shock, it completely thickened my lashes and lengthened them so much without any clumping. I am so impressed and this was by far my favourite product I picked up! I found the packaging a tad strange but other than that it was amazing and something I will keep repurchasing!
The set came with the Lipsurgence in the shade Vintage. I found the texture very nourishing and the colour was very nice but I didn't find anything that made it any different to any other product I have seen so wasn't too impressed with this product and probably wouldn't repurchase this product.
The set also included a Coloured Clay Bronzer Blush with colour correcting. I love the way it adds a flush of colour and isn't too heavy or deep in colour. Also included was a  Amazonian clay eyeshadow quad in a brightly packaged box. The colours are all daily wearable and each one packs so much product onto the lid it lasts all day! I have a feeling that Tarte eyeshadows are going to be a big thing for me in the future!
I love the fact that with each Tarte product you but on QVC they give you the brush that accompanies the product! Not many companies do this and this was one of the reasons I was so excited to purchase some goodies from them! The brushes are seriously the softest I have felt in a long time and even after use the bristles remain in place with no signs of falling out or misplacement. With the set came a double-ended complexion brush which included a striped pattern on the handle which is something that flows through the entire 6 piece collection.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions on the products or want more specifics just comment below! I also want to apologise for some of my posts being late I've just been super busy with other things! I will get back to regular posting straight away!

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