Whats In My Makeup Bag?!?!?

Since I haven't written a post in a little while I thought I would talk about whats in my makeup bag! Firstly my makeup bag is from Zoella's collection which I brought for £8 at Superdrug. Its the perfect size to put all your favourite beauty items inside and is great for travelling. It has a lot of room inside and the shape is perfect for my essentials, and not to mention the pattern is extremely pretty. 

So lets dive in and take a look inside my bag.

The first thing I pull out is my Soap and Glory Super Tonic in the scent Orangeasm, which I received for christmas. The bottle is quite a large size so takes up a large amount of space inside my bag but its worth it! The scent is so fresh and fruity and the smallest amount goes a long way, the fragrance lasts all day and leaves you smelling gorgeous!

Along with the Super Tonic I pulled out 5 other products. I recently purchased the new Rita Ora Rimmel nail polishes and my favourite shade has to be Rain Rain Go Away, its a perfect subtle colour and since I've painted my nails that colour Its in my makeup bag incase I ever need to top it up. At £2.99 a bottle they are a real steal and I highly recommend them!
 I always take two makeup brushes with me wherever I go, these tend to be the Real Techniques Powder Brush ( £9.99 ) and my Primark double ended eyeshadow brush ( £1.00 ).  These are the brushes I use the most so I always have them by my side incase I need to touch up my makeup or change my look. My Mac Studio Fix (£21.50)  in the shade NW20 is also in my bag for that reason, just incase I need to touch my makeup up, I love this product so much and am so happy I discovered it! It leaves my face feeling so soft and you can really see a difference.
 Since I have combination skin I tend to get oily patches on my nose and other areas on my face so I decided to try the Garnier Moisture Matte Moisturiser for £1.99 (it was on sale at ASDA) and I'm so glad I found it! Ever since I have used it my face feels so much fresher and really helps with my oily patches, if you have Combination skin I would highly recommend it!

I always like to carry a primer and foundation with me everywhere, I recently discovered the New Loreal Infallible Matte Foundation and Primer (£7.99 each) and have fallen in love. As a fan of the original Infallible Foundation I was naturally drawn to this and it didn't disappoint. The payoff and texture is outstanding and you can really see the difference, although it is a matte foundation it isn't too mattifying and doesn't dry your face out, seriously loving this product!
Maybelline as a drugstore brand offers some of the best value for money products especially when it comes to Mascara so theirs tends to be the one you will find in my bag. Their Lash Sensational Mascara (£5.99) is by far my favourite and is the mascara I tend to reach for the most. The brush has a slight curve to match that of someones eyes and the formula really works well and creates defined lashes, its a seriously good product and perfect if your on a budget! 
Mac does some amazing blushes and bronzers but my go to makeup bag essential is the limited edition Rihanna Hibiscus Kiss ( I love it so much I've hit pan!). This goes wherever I go and is always in my makeup bag.

Although I have a huge passion and love for lipsticks I only carry a few with me and they usually depend on my outfit or make up that day. In my makeup bag at the moment I have MAC Honey-Love (£15.50), Charlotte Tilbury's Velvet Underground (£23.00) and Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in the shade Naked. These all offer different textures and colour payoffs but are all brilliant. My favourite has to be Velvet Underground, it offers such a vivid colour and lasts all day and is an essential to any makeup collection.

To go along with my lipsticks I carry a lip liner and lip primer, at the moment its my Topshop Lip Primer (£9.50)  and my Mac Boldly Bare Lip Liner (£12.50). The primer really hydrates my lips and keeps them that way all day which is what you would want from a  primer, it also keeps the product intact and doesn't chap my lips. Mac's lip liners are brilliant! they pack on a lot of colour and are great for keeping your chosen lipstick in place without them bleeding through, they offer so many different colours and are always a must have in my bag!

The last item in my makeup bag is my Urban Decay Naked Basics 1&2 Palettes (£22.00) . I love the shades in these palettes and they are effect travel size, they are great if you want to create a subtle look or a smokey eye and I love having them with me wherever I go. Both of them offer different shade ranges and textures whether its matte or shimmer and each is as beautiful as the next, if you haven't checked them out yet then do it! 
           Well I hope you enjoyed seeing what items are in my makeup bag and you may have discovered some new products to try! Leave me some comments below about what you would like to see me post next, until then xoxo

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