March Favourites

I can't believe we are now officially in April! These months are just flying by and the beauty market is constantly introducing new products some which work well and some which don't, Im going to share some of my March Favourites, and you never know you may see something you want to try.

I've been loving High street/Drug Store products recently and their isn't one product that is high end this month!!
The first two of my nail picks are the Rimmel London Rita Ora collection nail varnishes in the shades  'White Hot Love' & 'Pop Art'. Im a bit late jumping on the bandwagon for these because they have been out a while but since they were on offer in Asda for a bargain price of just £1.49! Yes thats right just £1.49, I thought I would finally give them ago. They really didn't disappoint, although you have to give them a few layers each which is expected the colour constancy and pay off is fantastic and the combination of the two goes together like a dream! 

Barry M's nail range I feel is unbeatable for not only quality and colour range but price at just £2.99-£3.99 a bottle (and they always seem to be on offer), a little goes along way and they are always releasing new shades and collections. I decided to get a couple of the new Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints in the shades 'Pole Position' & 'Road Rage'. It was really hard to pick the shades I wanted because they were all such lovely colours! The entire collection is an assortment of pastels. The colour on the nails is BEAUTIFUL and although you need a few coats to really pick up the colour vividly it drys super quick so once ouse done one coat you can go back and do another straight away! No more waiting patiently for the colour to dry! This is such a bonus especially when your painting your nails in a rush, I highly recommend these to all you nail varnish fanatics out there. 

This isn't a new product by all means but it is something I have been loving this month!! My lips recently have felt really dry and corse so I've turned back to my Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub £2.99 and it really does the trick. The scrub leaves my lips feeling silky smooth and because the scrub is all natural ingredients (huge bonus) such as sugar granules if you accidentally on purpose get some in your mouth it doesn't taste bad whatsoever unlike most lip scrubs. If your having the same issue as me recently then this is a must have!

Everyone loves the Maybelline Colour Tattoos but I recently discovered the Maxfactor Excess Shimmer Pots in the shade '20 Copper' at £7.99 each they are a little on the expensive side but it is definitely worth every penny. Unlike the Colour Tattoo Pots the texture is much more creamier and just the littlest amount will cover both eyelids! Ive been loving this and wearing it almost everyday and i haven't even used a fraction of the top of the pot!! The colour is phenomenal and really makes my eyes pop ( which is always a bonus).  Although it is a cream texture the product lasts all day and doesn't move from where you've applied the product! I will definitely be investing in their other shades which all seem to have lovely colourings.

When I saw the Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer I wasn't sure if I would A) Want to try it, and B) If it would really work. I decided to take the plunge whilst it was on offer at £ 4.99 and give it a go, and boy was I glad I did!!  I have a real problem with most concealers because they always seem to leave me with lines under my eyes which I HATE so I'm very cautious when trying out a new one. Once I tried this I was so impressed I haven't stopped using it! Not only did it get rid of the dark circles under my eyes (when I have them) it also completely got rid of those pesky lines to say I was happy is an understatement! This is very much my product of the month .I've really been impressed with Rimmel as a brand this month! Usually I just stroll past their counter and never really take the time to look or try their products, but I won't anymore!

I love Soap & Glory as a brand and feel their products are so affordable and work really well. This month saw the release of the new XXL Pillow Plump Lipgloss £10.00. Now I'm not really a big lipgloss fan but since I love their original Sexy Mother Pucker glosses I thought I Would give it a try, I got the shade 'Clearvoyant' which is just a clear gloss. Just like their other lipgloss it gives you a tingling sensation in your lips and plumps them up! I have seriously been loving this and have been wearing it on its own and on top of other lipsticks, its been really effective as you can see in the above picture and I am seriously going to be investing in the other shades they have to offer.

Another lip product I've been reaching for is the new Loreal infallible lipstick £6.99 in the shade 228 which is Blake Lively's new limited edition shade. The colour itself is a perfect summer shade and reminds me of MAC Impassioned £15.50, but at a more affordable price. The product consistancy is very rich and lasts around 6 hours without retouching. The lipstick doesn't bleed past your lip line and keeps such a blast of colour once applied. Recently I've been thoroughly impressed with Loreals collection and it is always my first stop in Superdrug or Boots, and their lipsticks are starting to become a must have for me. This has been my march go to shade and is one that I can't see my self not reaching for to add a pop of colour this spring. 


Well thats my March Favourites guys! I haven't included skincare or foundation in this favourites because I have already referenced them in the previous post! However I will be uploading a Skincare Routine in the next few days! I hope you've enjoyed this post and I would love to hear your favourites so if you have some you feel I might like then please done hesitate to comment below 

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  1. That lipstick looks gorgeous on you! lovely post :) x