Skincare Routine

"In polite society a well maintained skincare routine is one of life's great successes" Violet Grey

Hello Everybody! Todays post is going to focus on my skincare/makeup routine and the products I use to get my face feeling clean and fresh before applying my makeup.

1) After washing my face with cold water I use the soap and glory sugar scrub to get rid of dry skin especially around my cheek area. I only use this up to two times a week so that my skin has a rest and doesn't get irritated.

2) After washing off the excess product from my face, I dry with a towel and leave for around 5 minutes before applying my moisturiser. Recently I have been using the Garnier Matte Moisturiser since I have combination skin, it works really well and leaves my face feeling soft all day! It doesn't feel heavy or slide throughout the day underneath my makeup and has really been improving my skin since I started using it. If I don't use the Garnier Moisturiser I tend to use Soap and Glory's Orangeasim lotion which works just as well.

3) Once I have applied my moisturiser I use the Benefit Puff Off under my eyes, this has really been helping reduce puffiness under my eyes and is also helping combat my lines and dark circles ( due to late night blogging aha! ). When I first place the product on my eyes it feels abnormally cold which I haven't experienced before but once you get past that Puff Off does such a great job and doesn't move under your makeup! Which is always a bonus.

4) I then apply the Loreal Infallible Mattifying Base Primer. I brought this a few weeks ago to try and I haven't turned back since! It feels so smooth on my face and keeps my makeup intact all day! Ive tried loads of there primers but none have had the same effect and durability as this one! Since I have combination skin this really works well for that and doesn't slide about on my T-Zone.

5) Once I've allowed my primer to settle for a few minutes I use my Rimmel Concelear to tackle under my eyes swell as adding a few swipes at the sides of my nose and chin. I know a lot of people do this process after applying foundation but I don personally feel that works for me and everyone should do what they feel works best for them.

6) Using my Real Techniques Sponge I apply my Loreal Infallible Mattifying Foundation across my face making sure all areas are even and covered. Loreal makes such great foundations and the smallest amount covers my entire face although the foundation is a full coverage it doesn't feel heavy on your skin.

7) Then I apply the rest of my makeup including a bright lipstick for a finishing touch!.

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