Manny Mua X Makeup Geek Palette - Get The Look

So if you didnt know Manny Mua is a pretty big name in the Youtube universe for his makeup tutorials and hilarious personality, and his most recent makeup collaboration has been with the fabulous Makeup Geek.
 I personally have never used or owned ANY Makeup Geek shadows, so when I saw one of my favourite Youtuber's was bringing out a palette I knew I had to get my hands on it! Unfortunately first time round I was not successful but after a lot of waiting and perseverance I managed to secure one YAY!

I decided to create a look using this beautiful palette and give you guys the deets so here we go!
The final look I went for was a sunset eyes effect using as many of the colours as I could.

One of the main reasons I was drawn to the palette was the stunning red shade named Mars and knew this would be the main focus for my eye look.
 I used Mars on the outer corner and blended in the other shades to create the look. I took the lighter shades on the palette and buffed the colours in from the inner corner to get the Ombre effect. I then paired the look with a black flick to add more dimension and focus to the colours, and then brushed Mars under my eye.

I have to say I'm super duper impressed with the texture of the shades and just how pigmented they are! I will 1000000% be purchasing more Makeup Geek shades in the future!

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