Urban Decay Razor Liner

I am always in search of new colourful liners and I was so excited when I heard that Urban Decay were going to be releasing some new eyeliners!
 I haven't been really impressed with their old range of eyeliners so was intrigued to see what their latest collection had to offer.

The packaging seriously caught my eye! They look so sleek and are the perfect size to fit into your makeup bag.
 The first liner I purchased was Fireball and boy oh boy is it beautiful! The colour is super duper pigmented and just makes my eyes pop!

Fireball Liner

Safe to say after the amazing experience I had with Fireball I ended up purchasing a whole bunch more! Some of the shades like Chaos need to be shaken or layered to get a full colour payoff but because of the formula I wasn't really surprised.

GoldRush and Zodiac Liner

                                                                    Zodiac Liner

Overall I am super impressed with these liners!! I love how they have a range of finishes such as glitter effects or metallic. UD are stepping up the makeup game constantly and this is just one more item to add to my never ending favourites list!!

                                    The liners come in 20 shades and are £16 each!!  


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