Lipstick Is My Vice

The social media world has been a buzz recently about a few new lipsticks from Urban Decay and by a few I mean ONE HUNDRED! Yes you heard me right 100 new lipsticks, with a variety of different finishes and a range of colours from Royal Blue, Green, Dark Purples to Hot Pinks. There really is a shade for everyone!
 Orange Is The New Black star Ruby Rose has become the latest spokeswoman for the brand heading up the new lipstick takeover. I think this is such a smart move for Urban Decay, not only is she super relevant at the moment but her whole attitude and style really encompasses the brand..Smart move Urban Decay smart move!
When I heard about this I was really excited to get my hands on them and see what shades Wende and the entire UD team had come up with.

Altogether there are 6 lipstick formulas; Metallized, Cream, Sheer, Sheer Shimmer, Comfort Matte & Mega Matte! When I heard about the new formulas I was so excited especially for the matte shades! Recently I've become a sucker for matte lipsticks and they have become a staple in my makeup bag, and since Urban Decay is one of my favourite brands I knew I had to get my hands on them!

One day whilst flicking through my Instagram I received and awesome message in my inbox from Jess who is the Urban Decay counter manager at Debenhams in Norwich. Jess was super sweet and offered me the chance to try one of the lipstick shades and test it out! Of course I said yes and spent the rest of the week so excited to get my hands on the lipstick! When they launched on the UD website I also ended up purchasing a lipstick in the shade Conspiracy! Its this beautiful Bronze/ brown toned colour and is in the Metalled formula.
 I met up with Jess at the Debenhams UD counter and when she handed me the lipstick I was so excited I just wanted to run home and try it! The lipsticks were on display in store and they looked amazing, seeing them all laid out on the stands made me even more excited.

 The shade I was gifted was Seismic which is a beautiful purple sheer shimmer lipstick. Im not usually a fan of sheer lipsticks because I find they don't last as long on the lips but I was looking forward to trying a formula I wouldn't usually pick for myself!
         As soon as I popped Seismic on my lips it was LOVE! The lipstick glided on my lips so nicely and felt like I was wearing nothing! The colour is build able, with just one coat of the lipstick it adds a beautiful purple tint to your lips, I added a few more coats and the colour was just beautiful! Purple is one of my favourite shades and although this is a formula I wouldn't normally choose I am so happy with the final look! I wore Seismic all day and it lasted a lot longer than any other sheer lipstick I have ever owned and was pleasantly surprised! Im super impressed with this product and have already added 3 or 4 of the sheer lipsticks to my wish list! ( My Bank Account is going to hate me! ).

Conspiracy was a shade that I knew I needed as soon as I saw the swatches online. As a lover of metallic shades and especially brown lipsticks I couldn't resist buying it on the launch day and boy I do not regret it! The lipstick itself is super duper pigmented and just one coat gives you a flawless finish! Paired with a subtle eye this colour emphasises your lips and adds statement to your look. I have to say even my Mum asked me what my lipstick was and asked to borrow it and she HATES makeup! The power of a good lipstick ey?
   I wore this colour for about 6 hours and within that 6 hours there was only the slightest bit of wear on the colour! I have to say UD have really upped their lipstick game with these shades because they last for such a long time without needing to reapply.

Although I've only tried a couple of the shades I have to say Im seriously addicted! UD have really knocked this launch out of the park. With so many colours and finishes to choose from it seriously is a makeup lovers dream!  If you haven't purchased any or swatched them yet I would highly recommend you do,  you won't regret it!

I have to say a huge thank you to Jess at the UD counter in Debenhams Norwich for giving me the opportunity to try one of the shades out ! If you get a chance go there and check out the vice lipsticks! The staff are super helpful and friendly so go say hello!!

The lipsticks Retail at £15! Which is 50p cheaper than the original Vice lipsticks! The lipsticks also have corresponding lip liners which retail at £13.50 so you can create the perfect pout.

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