Cheap Effective Ways of Storing Make-Up

I was wondering what type of post to write next and I thought it would be a good idea to show you some cheap and effective ways of storing makeup, whether that be make up brushes or lipliners. So here are my top 4 cheap effective storage alternatives!

1) Lip Liner Storage; I went down to my local B&M in search of some nice pieces for my bedroom when I came across these old fashioned perfume bottles. At around £1.99 each! i thought these were a complete bargain and a great way I could store my lip liners. I also found some clear crystals which i placed in the bottom to add some glitz to them and to stop the contents from moving around.

2) Makeup Brush Storage; Also from B&M I found these large candle holders which I thought were perfect for storing my makeup brushes these were also £ 1.99 each and at that price I couldn't pass them up! Likewise with the perfume bottles I half filled them with the crystals to stop my brushes from moving around.

3) Desktop Palette Storage; I really wanted a way of storing some of my favourite palettes on my desktop and came across these acrylic letter holders from WHSMITH, they were in the sale at £ 3.00 each and I thought they would be perfect for my palettes. They are the right width and length to store all my favourite palettes and keep them looking tidy on my desktop. This is a really effective way and adds great presentation to any desktop!

4) Lipstick/Lipgloss Storage; This 24 Lipstick holder is from Amazon and is perfect for storing lipstick, it slopes up so you can get a clear view of your lipsticks and is perfect for having on your desk top or onto of your Muji box like I store mine. At around £ 2.50! yes thats right £ 2.50 these are an absolute bargain and look lovely! This is an essential for any beauty lover!

I hope you enjoyed this post and have had some inspiration for new cheap effective ways of storing some of your favourite make up! Unfortunately I couldn't find any links for the items from WHSMITHS and B&M but I'm sure if you popped into store you could pick these or suitable alternatives up! 

24 lipstick Holder;


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